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ADSA Las Vegas Wrap Up

By: The Xchart Team

Published: 2/21/2022

In mid February the Xchart team descended into the bright lights of spectacular Las Vegas for the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Event. The event was extremely well attended, with almost 900 registered anesthesia providers, assistants, and the industry's top minds all coming together to improve efficiency and patient safety across the board. The Las Vegas event holds a special place in the history of Xchart, as it was the first large event we exhibited at in 2019, helping catapult our service to the amazing place we are in now as the leading solution for automatic anesthesia charting in the dental industry and beyond.

Our booth was bustling yet again, which is incredible to feel as it validates that clinicians and providers are feeling exactly what we have been feeling throughout the development of Xchart, that we have an amazing opportunity to streamline and bring anesthesia charting to the forefront of the digital revolution going on all around us. One clinician we talked with said it perfectly:

"I have been able to digitize nearly every aspect of my practice, EXCEPT my anesthesia charting!"

This is quickly becoming our favorite thing to say: "We can help with that."

If you have been keeping up with our blog or our Facebook Users Group( Users | Facebook), you know since the ADSA Chicago meeting that a lot of great conversation has resulted in a plethora of exciting feature changes and integrations. We have made improvements to case timelines and vital checkpoints, added compatibility with Edan X series, General Electric B series, as well as Mortara S series monitors. We have streamlined the automatic vital signs to allow you to easily start and pause any vitals that you feel pertinent to the case at that moment. As Henrik points out, "If you want to just start with recording a pulse oximeter as you're setting up for the case, you can do that now! Just hook up the patient and Xchart starts recording as soon as its gets data." These changes and feature updates are only made possible by the close relationship we have with our clients and we hope the feedback keeps pouring in.

A nice cohort of booth visitors we were able to chat with at this event were the educators. We had numerous instructors from University to General Practice Residency programs who wanted to dive really deep into how Xchart could help their students and residents bring a level of consistency to their anesthesia charting. How can the automation features of Xchart be a perfect balance of simplifying and standardizing the sedation protocols for a new provider, without being exploited as a crutch? We believe there can be an ideal combination of allowing you to take your eyes off the paperwork and redirecting them to the most important thing in the room, the patient. Done correctly, the instructors seem to agree. These are the conversations we take to heart and use as a catalyst when we prioritize our next set of tasks and updates on our roadmap moving forward.

The last thought we will leave you with that spurred from a few conversations at the conference, was the idea that "As a small provider, I don't do enough volume of sedation for this to make sense for me, I only do 3-4 cases a month." It would be easy to agree and move on, but we believe the checklist aspect of how Xchart works, is even more crucial to providers and assistants who are doing lower volume of sedation cases. For less than the cost of your cell phone bill, you can be assured that no part of the charting protocol was missed, as Xchart conveniently will alert you and let you know what you're missing. For an assistant, who may only help with a case here and there, the chance of omitting important information is much higher than someone doing 5+ cases daily. Xchart will catch and flag that, and will empower the assistant to know they successfully completed all the requirements of the chart before they even send it off to the provider for the final signature. Large or small, high volume or low, the ways in which Xchart can help are numerous.

Our next big event is ADSA Phoenix in April, but between now and then, join us on Facebook or send us an email if you have any ideas or want to talk about how Xchart can fit in with and enhance your practice.

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