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Common questions

  • What do you mean "unlimited"? The only restriction is that only a provider can sign and finalize a chart. But there is no limit to how many cases can be charted a provider.
  • What if I change my mind during the trial? Just stop using it. We don't have your card and we won't bill you. Your account will simply deactivate automatically after the trial is over.
  • What if I change my mind and want to cancel later? From the case manager, simply select "subscription" and then click "cancel". Or, call or email us: Monthly charges will be discontinued immediately but your account will remain active through the rest of your current billing period.
  • I'm interested in also buying a monitor. What should I get? Some monitors work better with Xchart than others. If you need a small, portable monitor for moderate or oral sedation but you don't need advanced gas analysis we suggest the Zoe Medical PPM3. It can do End-tidal CO₂ but not other advanced gas analysis. If you'd like, you can order a PPM3 directly from us, and we'll throw in the cable you need, free of charge. Just contact us: If you need advanced gas analysis, such as detecting anesthetic agents like Sevoflurane, we recommend the Mindray ePM series. Please contact us and you we can connect you to a Mindray representative who can sell you one that's already pre-configured to work with Xchart:

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