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To err is… expected. So let’s plan for it.

Don Norman is an expert on human error. One of his most famous books “The Design of Everyday Things” is required reading for many design and engineering students around the world.

The Design of Everyday Things Book Cover

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Anesthesia in the cloud: Introducing!

Summary: For the past year, we at IV Enterprises have been working feverishly on the single biggest release since we first launched as

So big, in fact, that we have a new name: logo

What's the big deal?

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Meet your new, 100% free, Local Anesthesia tracker

Note: If you're short on time and just want to try it, follow this link on any device and click "Chart a Local Anesthesia Case":

Many providers, especially dentists, do local anesthesia at their practices all day, every day. If a dentist gives local anesthetic to eight patients per work day for 180 work days in a year, that's over 1,400 patients anesthetized per year! And that's not even including patients that require local anesthetic for periodontal procedures performed by hygienists.

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VIDEO: Connecting Criticare nGenuity Monitor to AnesthesiaCharting for automatic vitals tracking

We just released a new video showing how to use the VitalConnect™ feature to get data from Criticare nGenuity monitors.

Thanks to a new API called WebSerial that just recently became available in Chrome it couldn't get much easier.

Here's a video showing how to make it all work:

Used in the video:

Try it for yourself!

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VIDEO: AnesthesiaCharting Featured by Google in Keynote of Chrome Developer Summit 2020

We were thrilled to have been invited to be part of the keynote to Google's recent Chrome Developer Summit for our work.

It also previews some of the exciting new features we're actively working on.

Unless you're a software developer, you might not follow all the technical details. But regardless, it was quite affirming to see our app featured prominently by a tech giant like Google.

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Announcing Zoe Medical PPM3 VitalSync™ (video)

The new integration with Zoe Medical's Nightingale PPM3 monitor provides a true "plug and play" experience.

Zoe Medical Nightingale PPM3

It's never been easier!

  • No need to download a separate desktop app.
  • No need to futz around with network settings on the monitor.
  • No wondering if you're connected or flaky WiFi issues.
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Announcing Mindray monitor support!

We've been working with the great folks at Mindray to implement support for the Mindray Patient Data Share Protocol.

Mindray logo

They have been using this protocol for many years, so we're happy to say that our software should now be compatible most of their monitor models.

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Announcing Criticare monitor support!

The top feature request we've been getting recently is:

Please add support for auto vitals from Criticare!

Well, we're excited to announce that it's ready for public beta!

What is so "Beta" about it?

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Free COVID-19 Screening App

Quickly screen patients, staff, and office visitors with a free web-based app.

  1. Ask your patients to visit on their phone to complete the questions.
  2. Ask them to show the green confirmation screen when entering.

That's it!

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Appearance on The Dental Clinical Companion

Dr. Travis and were featured in two recent episodes of "The Dental Clinical Companion" podcast!

Dr. Mounce, the show's host, reached out to Travis asking him to be a guest and after talking to him he decided to dedicate two whole episodes to his work.

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