Xchart Patient Forms

Eliminate even more paperwork with custom consent forms and patient instructions.

In addition to anesthesia records, Xchart can digitize your paper consent and patient instruction forms.

With a few clicks, you can send your custom forms to the patient via email or text for them to sign on their phone.

Plus, you can track the patient’s real-time progress to ensure you have the correct forms before surgery.

How it works:

  1. Select the form(s) you want to add to a given appointment
  2. Pick the method of delivery (email, SMS text, or scan a QR Code)
  3. Patient completes the form(s) on their phone, computer, or in-person office tablet.
  4. Download and Save the signed Xchart Patient Forms.

That's it!

Your patients can also save a copy for their records.

Created and owned by industry experts

Our goal is to make anesthesia charting as smooth and automatic as possible.

Xchart is privately owned by its creators and the software is developed "in house" by software veterans in close collaboration with our customers and trusted experts in the field.

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