The Xchart for Education Program

Free access program for approved training and educational institutions

We believe in education

That is why we offer, not just an educational discount, but FREE access for approved institutions.

What is an approved institution?

If you're involved in training of providers to do minimal sedation, moderate sedation, or deep sedation / GA you qualify for free access for you and your students.

For workshops:

We recommend creating an organization for your workshop program. You can use this same organization for all your workshops.

Workshop students can simply sign up for their own organization and they can use their free trial during the workshop. 30 day trial. Remember, we don't require them to enter a credit card for this and if they don't continue using it after the workshop their subscription will simply expire if they don't sign up.

For schools:

We recommend creating a dedicated organization for your school.

Then, you can invite residents/students as either "member" or "provider" accounts. Member's cannot sign a final anesthesia record, providers can.

Invite other faculty and if you want you can give them "administrator" privileges which allows them to add and remove members, etc.

When they leave you can simply deactivate their membership to your organization and they'll no longer have access to the school's patient data.

Important: a single email and password login can be used to join multiple organizations. So if in addition to teaching, you also do private practice create a separate organization for that. We sometimes allow these to be free as well if you're heavily involved in teaching.

How to get started:

Step #1: Create your account and organization. Just select any subscription plan ignoring the stated costs.

Step #2: Email us and tell us what institution you're a part of and we'll put your newly created organization into our education program.

Create your organization now

Video showing how to handle user accounts for education:

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