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Introducing Xchart Patient Forms.

By: The Xchart Team

Published: 11/30/2022

We want to help you eliminate all your paperwork, not just the anesthesia records.

That's why today we're excited to launch the initial version of a BIG new feature we're calling:

Xchart Patient Forms

With Xchart Patient Forms, anesthesia providers can send digital consent forms and instructions directly to their patients' phones or computers. Patients can now complete and submit needed forms quickly, easily, and without paper.

The days of receiving paperwork with coffee stains or huddling the office staff together to decipher illegible handwriting are over. Xchart Patient Forms is a quick and easy way for anesthesia providers to keep their patients informed and ensure their consent is legally valid.


Everyone's consent forms and patient instructions are a bit different. Customize each form to fit your specific patient and format the electronic document to look amazing on the web. You can now digitally send these forms with just a few clicks!

If the patient prefers or using their device is not an option, you can scan a QR code on a tablet and hand it directly to the patient.

Plus, as our customers know and love, Xchart updates in real-time, and these forms are no different. You can track the status of these signed forms on the case status page without needing to refresh.

Your paper forms were likely designed for, well, paper. In order for them to look good on screens of various sizes, we need to convert them to a format that works well on any device.

We've made that easy for you as well! You can mainly copy and paste them in and then add formatting, tables, and even logos.

If you need any help with that, send us your existing consent form, and we'll be glad to help:

Once you've got them in there, it's easy.

Xchart Patient Forms is just one more way we're Eliminating Anesthesia Paperwork™. We are Xchart, building the tools you need to document a job well done.

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Our goal is to make anesthesia charting as smooth and automatic as possible.

Xchart is privately owned by its creators and the software is developed "in house" by software veterans in close collaboration with our customers and trusted experts in the field.

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