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AnesthesiaCharting will be FREE during the COVID-19 crisis

By: Henrik Joreteg

Published: 3/19/2020

Dear customers and friends.

While we all make sense of what's happening with COVID-19, the last thing we want to do is add another thing for you to worry about.

Many of you have practices that are completely unable to operate during this time. We've always said we're on the side of providers because we're providers too.

Here's what we're doing about it:

  1. If you're currently in a free trial period: your trial will be extended by 60 days.
  2. If you're currently a paying customer: you won't see a charge from us for 60 days.
  3. In addition, anyone signing up today, can add the coupon code "covid-19" to get the same benefit.

We hope this offers a tiny bit of relief during this stressful time.


Henrik Joreteg and Travis Coulter

Founders of IV Enterprises

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