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Appearance on The Dental Clinical Companion

By: Henrik Joreteg

Published: 6/3/2020

Dr. Travis and were featured in two recent episodes of "The Dental Clinical Companion" podcast!

Dr. Mounce, the show's host, reached out to Travis asking him to be a guest and after talking to him he decided to dedicate two whole episodes to his work.

In the first, Travis talks all about how he uses mild to moderate sedation in his practice.

Lots of great, hard-earned lessons. Listen to the interview with Travis in episode #33

In the second, I joined as well and we discuss the ins and outs of Why we built it, what it does, and a little about what we have planned next.

A huge thank you to Dr. Mounce for inviting us to share our passion with his audience!

You can listen to the second episode here. And don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. Lots of great stuff there.

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