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Dilution of Local Anesthetic

By: Henrik Joreteg

Published: 2/27/2020

We recently learned that some of our customers like diluting their local anesthetic.

For example, some like to dilute 4% Articaine down to 3% or even 2%.

This probably isn't something most of you will do, but we wanted to add support for this so those that do, can still use our local anesthesia tracker. As it turns out, doing the math in your head gets even harder when introducing dilutions.

For example, if you dilute a 4% Articaine solution with 1:200,000 epi to 75% of its original strength and administer 1.5mL of it. How many mg of Articaine and epinephrine did you actually just give? For a 7 year old weighing 23.2kg, what percentage total AAPD recommendations does he still have in his system 40 minutes after you gave it?

Maybe you can, but I know I can't do that math in my head.

But our app will give you a down-to-the-second estimate so you can get the info you need and can focus on caring for the patient.

Here's a quick little preview of how it looks:

No need for an account, our Local Anesthesia calculator is free to use. Click/tap here: and select "Chart Local Anesthetics".

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