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Big updates to drug page (plus, infusion pump support!)

By: Henrik Joreteg

Published: 3/15/2020

We're excited to announce some big improvements to how we handle drugs in the app.

Check out this video walk-through of all the new stuff:

Since this changes the previous flow of the app a little bit (not a lot, mind you). We suggest running through the app in "tour mode" once to acquaint yourself with the changes before you use it on your next real case.

In short the changes are:

  1. New navigation bar on drugs page. You now access drug types (Inhalation Agents, IV, etc) using a new navigation tab across the top of the drugs page.
  2. Infusion pump support! We've had many people tell us they would start using our app if only we had a way for them to chart drugs given via infusion pump. Well, boy did we ever! We are excited to say we have what we think is a solid mechanism in place for this now. We'll be adding more features in support for deeper sedation, general anesthesia in the near future.
  3. Text field instead of plus/minus buttons for IV doses. This is simpler and eliminates the need for custom "increments".
  4. Tracking drugs drawn up is now optional. You can now specify that you want to just enter waste at the end yourself.
  5. Drugs drawn step has been removed from navigation. Instead, if you want to enter IV drugs drawn that is now done right in place on the drugs page. We've found it to be much more intuitive, plus, if you want to draw up more of anything, you just do so right in place.
  6. New warnings/completeness checks for drugs page. You now get clear warnings if, for example, you forget to zero out an oxygen flow or infusion rate. Or, if you're manually entering waste, and haven't done so yet.

Overall, we're very excited about these changes and think it's a huge improvement and simplification of what we had before.

We're excited to share them with you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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