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VIDEO: Big improvements to case timeline and vitals checkpoints

By: Henrik Joreteg

Published: 1/3/2022

We're excited to announce some significant improvements for the New Year!

These changes were big enough that we thought we should outline it in more detail and put together a short video:

To summarize, the changes are as follows:

  1. Hooking up a vitals monitor automatically starts recording vitals. Previously, we waited until you recorded administering the first drug. This change makes it much easier to get a true baseline before the procedure actually starts. Then you can record "procedure start" and "procedure end" using buttons in the status bar (or from the timeline page).

  2. The vitals chart on vitals page is now clickable. Quickly jump to the value/checkpoint you want to edit with a tap or click.

  3. Vitals snapshots and "high resolution" vitals. You can now record an additional set of vitals any time by pushing the "snapshot" button in the status bar. Additionally, you can now set vitals checkpoints to a short interval in the middle of case. We've had several requests for this from clinicians who want to increase the "resolution" of vitals data on the report usually for a short period of time during a case. Perhaps an adverse event occurs and you want to show that vitals stabilized shortly there after, or perhaps you're doing a "mask down" procedure on a pediatric patient, etc. Whatever the reason, you now have the ability to set it to 2.5 minutes or even 1 minute using the dropdown menu at the top right of the vitals page, right above the chart.

  4. New dedicated "anesthesia start" button. We will still automatically record an "anesthesia start" time for you when you administer drugs. But, you now have quick access to it if you want to start it at a particular time.

  5. Improved timeline page. Editing the timeline page is now much more flexible.

    • You can now simply type in the times you want instead of needing to use the +/- buttons.
    • New "clear" buttons on individual entries in the timeline, if you need to remove an event recorded by mistake.
    • New logic checks to ensure things don't stop before they start, etc.
    • Timeline review step is no longer required. If you have a time recorded for all the required items, we consider the timeline page complete. No need for an additional button press.
  6. New stop button on the blue monitor bar at the top. When you want to disconnect a monitor, we now ask if this is temporary, or if you're done recording vitals for the case. This is to help prevent mistakes. Previously a few customers reported having clicked "stop recording vitals" when really, they were just moving the patient into a recovery room where they wanted to continue monitoring vitals. This new approach should prevent these errors. Plus, if an error is made, you can now much more easily go fix it in the timeline page as described above.

As always, please let us know your thoughts on these new changes.

We will be rolling out these changes soon, you should see them in your account by end of the week.

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