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Why finalize your cases in Xchart?

By: The Xchart Team

Published: 7/1/2022

Sometimes when an anesthesia record is complete or mostly complete in Xchart, customers use their browser's "print" functionality instead of signing and finalizing the chart in Xchart.

But, even if the report is not 100% complete for some reason, it's still worth signing and finalizing it.

(And yes, you can still sign and finalize incomplete reports if you so choose.)

Here's what you miss out on by not finalizing them:

  1. Automatically copy patient health histories for repeat patients into the next case. Xchart does this when you have repeat patients. But, we only do it from finalized cases.
  2. It helps you remember whether you actually finished a given record or not. Otherwise it's easy to miss one in a busy day.
  3. Better ways to download and share. These tools only appear after you finalize a record. You get a "Download PDF" button and a "Share" button you can use to easily share a link to the finalized report to anyone who needs it.
  4. Finalizing a report locks it from further editing. The primary provider has 24 hours to unfinalize it of they need to fix a mistake.
  5. Stats and drug tracking. We're working on adding more features to show you more statistics for your organization about the drugs you've used, etc. This can, for example, be used to show you the drugs you're using most and eventually even help you track inventory of your drugs. But for these items as well, we're only going to count the finalized cases because these are the ones you've certified are correct.
  6. Keeping a tidy dashboard. Having lots of old and unfinished reports which is inefficient because we download all the case data for unfinished cases when you open the dashboard, so the dashboard will load faster if you finalize them.

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