Eliminate Your Anesthesia Paperwork

Save time and make a perfect anesthesia record every time.

Automate vitals, record drugs, and eliminate repetition with presets.

The stakes are too high for sloppy records!

“I do a fair bit of expert witness work [...] suffice it to say I have seen a strong correlation between malpractice claims and hand-written records.”
— Dr. Richard Mounce
Host of The Dental Clinical Companion Podcast

If you don't produce complete, accurate, and legible records each time, you're putting your career at risk.

  • Do your anesthesia records meet the requirements?
  • Does each record show that you took the necessary precautions?
  • If a malpractice lawyer or a review board were reviewing your records, how confident would you feel?

What are the experts saying?

Xchart has streamlined my anesthesia charting process from start to finish. Using Xchart has been really valuable in my initial medical history review, in tracking vitals automatically, in tracking medications and waste, in tracking local anesthetics and in keeping a clean paperless record.

I have been using Xchart for years and I would never go back to analog sedation monitoring. In addition to the great software, the team at Xchart has always been responsive and extremely helpful.
— Jacob Rogers, DDS
Albuquerque, New Mexico
“I cannot even begin to express how pleased I am with the software provided by your company. I continue to be amazed at this software and only regret not having found it sooner. Thanks again!!”
— Dr. Yaro N. Hoffman, Sr.
CRNA, Baton Rouge
“LOVING the software. Recommending to every colleague I talk to. [...] It’s literally one of my favorite additions I’ve made to my practice in my career.”
— Dr. David Stoker
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Salt Lake City, UT
“Xchart was easy to learn, it is intuitive, it creates great-looking organized charts, and the team of people behind it are smart, approachable, and responsive.”
— Megan Foureman, CRNA
Counterpoint Anesthesia, North Carolina

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Our goal is to make anesthesia charting as smooth and automatic as possible.

Xchart is privately owned by its creators and the software is developed "in house" by software veterans in close collaboration with our customers and trusted experts in the field.

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